Domestic Violence in Texas: Frequent Allegations


Any action or behavior that threatens the well-being of a home, its relatives and even its surroundings, whether or not there is direct verbal or physical aggression, could be considered domestic violence, especially if it comes from a spouse, husband or concubine .

However, there are times when an act with another type of intention is misunderstood, and the people around us can make unnecessary or wrong complaints through false accusations for assuming wrong behaviors.

When is a false accusation of domestic violence considered to exist?

It is said that there is a false accusation of domestic violence, when a person within or close to our family nucleus is the victim of accusations of physical, sexual or psychological abuse by their partner or ex-partner and the latter does not have any or conclusive evidence. , which blames the alleged aggressor.

If this occurs, the authorities will take measures to protect the accused victim and punish the perpetrators of the act for slander. However, remember that if the incident is true, you can face a trial with penalties that include prison time.

Common Causes of False Domestic Violence Accusations in Texas

In Texas, accusations of domestic violence are very common, but we must bear in mind that this type of incident in the home or its surroundings can occur in any type of relationship as we have already mentioned, whether they are married, committed , or living in the same place.

Among the most frequent causes for accusations of this type, and that occur after a fight to generate greater tension in the face of the conflict by the real aggressor, are:


 -State of drunkenness or influence of other substances.


 -Problems of self-esteem or in the way the perpetrator sees himself.

 -Envy for achievements or goals achieved.

According to specialists in the area, the most common victims of these events are men, who are denounced due to the reasons we have mentioned, either by people of the same sex or of other genders. However, there are also cases of women who are unfairly accused of domestic violence for alleged practices such as child abuse, abuse, etc.

In summary, domestic violence can be defined as any pattern of abusive behavior or action that a person performs on another and within an intimate relationship to control it, including, for example, using false accusations as a form of extortion.

If you want more information on how to take legal action regarding the matter, since you are being unfairly accused of this crime or you want to help someone who is being the victim of a false report, contact a law firm such as ours. We will offer you solutions according to the case to present a firm defense. You can also get help from the National Domestic Violence Hotline where you can get help in a variety of ways, including online chat.