Immigration in Texas: basic information about processes and procedures


To be a permanent resident of the United States, it is necessary that you consider and know certain administrative processes, this to know if you are a potential resident of this country, regardless of your place of origin or former residence.

In this text, we address some basic questions that people have towards the Immigration and Citizenship Service or USCIS, for its acronym in English, so that you can start processing your documents or talk to a lawyer to collect all the requirements you need to this and that they are required by the laws of the country.

What are the procedures I must follow to get my permanent residence in Texas or the US?

Below we give you a brief summary of it, since you must visit several places on the web or in person to know what to do and thus complete the necessary requirements to obtain your nationality efficiently:

-Check your eligibility for a permanent residence card: Check the applicability requirements on the website or at the USCIS office.

-Know how to adjust your immigration status: If you are in the United States, it is possible that you can process an identification card without having to return to your country of origin to complete the visa process.

-Carry out the consular procedure: If you are outside the US, you can also process your residence in this place if you wish.

-Request the type of permanent residence: That is, if it was for family reasons, employment, displacement, etc. Generally, this requires a person to process said application, however, this occurs when in cases such as the application for the permanent card.

-Check the availability of visas and priority dates: If you plan to apply as a permanent citizen in Texas or another city in the United States, you must understand that a visa is required first. Get it, and then apply as a permanent resident whenever you want.

-Review your travel documents: Review all the personal information you need to be able to travel, also attach them, in your permanent resident application when you decide to send them to the corresponding institution.

-Send employment documentation: If you have a job offer in the country, request the corresponding information for said procedure as a permanent resident and fill out the forms requested.

-Perform a migration medical exam if suggested: This is to rule out any virus or disease that may be contagious or cause a global pandemic similar to COVID-19.

-Determine if you require an affidavit for economic sponsorship: If you are going to Texas, or the United States, it is advisable that you define if a letter of recommendation or someone who can pay for your stay is required to avoid misunderstandings during your entry into the country .

-Be attentive to your request: If you consider that the country or the State of Texas is not an ideal place to live, change the type of request, either through the website, or by going directly to an office of the Immigration and Aliens Service.

Remember that if you need advice on immigration matters, we can help you. Get in touch through our phone number and tell us more about your case.